The rising of okonkwo

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The rising of okonkwo

Okonkwo was a respected, influential leader in one of the nine villages in the Ibo community; he was also a wrestling champion. Okonkwo has many assets to his character that could be viewed as faults or desirable character traits.

The rising of okonkwo

Some of his traits then develop into weaknesses through the advancement of the novel. He would borrow money from others and never pay them back; the people swore to never lend him money again.

On the other hand, there is a conflict between the traditional society of Umuofia and the new customs brought by the whites. Okonkwo has more weaknesses rather than strengths. By overcoming this shame brought by his father, at an early age, Okonkwo builds his home and reputation as a wrestler and hard-working farmer.

His efforts pay off as he becomes wealthy through his crops and has three wives. Okonkwo hid all of his emotions and replaced all of them with occasional bursts of anger to show his strength, and dominates his three wives and children by being insensitive and controlling in order to show that he was manly.

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The rising action begins after the missionaries arrive. It literally describes the clashes between the Igbo and the Christians, but it metaphorically is a battle about the Igbo being unsure about accepting them. It shapes Okonkwo's mindset to the idea that the Christians are demolishing Igbo life.

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The rising of okonkwo

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