The alchemist essay about santiago

The definition of a Journey is completely different of that of a quest. Most books are considered as Journeys, but the Alchemist takes it a step further. According to Foster, every quest has a sequester or person who goes on the quest hither he knows it or not.

The alchemist essay about santiago

The boy was a shepherd who lived in Andalusia. He has been trying to understand and communicate with his sheep, which he founded later was called "The Language of the World".

He had a dream about a treasure that was hidden in a place which he doesn't know, because every time the person that was going to tell him where his treasure was, he always wakes up before the person tells where it is. Later, he found out that, that dream was his destiny from a dream interpreter and the king of Salem, Melchizedek that he talked to in the plaza.

After the boy talked to them he was told that the treasure that he was looking for was in The Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Santiago had to face serious challenges, to achieve his destiny. Throughout his journey to his destiny, Santiago learns from his mistakes, courage and he took many risks and challenges.

Santiago met many new people in his journey, and he learnt various type of knowledge, for example, be brave to handle everything under control to accomplish his journey and also learn from mistakes, like what Santiago had done in the beginning of his journey — when he lost his money to The alchemist essay about santiago boy and Santiago said "I'm like everyone else — I see things the way I wanted to happen not what actually does happen.

Meanwhile Santiago doesn't know how to speak other language so he uses the sign language which he learns that it was called "The Language of The World" from The Alchemist. He was a type of person that would like to know several knowledge from things around him.

I think that Santiago was very glad that Melchizedek told him many facts or tipsProxy-Connection: Santiago had also learnt about "The Soul of the world" which he also found out that it is that, that makes you want to achieve your individual destiny from the Englishman that he met on his way to the oasis where he met Fatima, the English man let him borrow a book to gain his knowledge and also help Englishman to make him understand it more.

Santiago had learn from his mistake throughout his destiny, and he had a willing to study things, but he doesn't always study thing around him, but he mostly studied from people like the alchemist. Santiago made a decision that many people doesn't agree with it, but Santiago listened to them and he thinks that they are right, because the person who told him was a very trustful people and also the one that he loved, so he did listen for the good for his life.

Santiago had taken information from other people thought that he trust and use it for his life to make it successful and enjoyable, for example he gained many knowledge and tips from Melchizedek and The Alchemist.

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After going on a journey for years and years, he finally and successfully found his treasure which was the place where he started and lived in, which is Andalusia, Rome, under the Sycamore tree.

Santiago has accomplished his destiny by being courage, he tries things that he had never done and never gave up on problems, he took major risks, but he took it for the good for himself to achieve his destiny, like leaving Fatima and continue his journey to for his destiny.

Now he knows that some things are not always directly to the point, the main thing was the way we get to it, in this case was his journey, if Santiago didn't start his journey, he wouldn't learn anything but get all the money he got, but just for a couple of years. At the end he knows more knowledge than he did back then when he haven't start the journey, he mostly gain knowledge from the alchemist, and he had also found his true love, Fatima.Melchizedek, a.k.a.

the King of Salem, is the first "Warrior of Light" that Santiago meets and the one who changes his destiny forever.

But it doesn't exactly get off to a good start. Just when Santiago is planning to win the heart of the merchant's daughter, an old man—who seems kind of like the.

CHARACTER ANALYSIS By: Raévon Khan Santiago A shepherd boy from a small town named Andalusian, is the protagonist of "the alchemist." Santiago is a determined, headstrong and curious to learn all about the world.

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The alchemist essay about santiago

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Essay Sample The Alchemist is a famous writing issued for the first time in Greece in and is the most well- known creation of famous writer Paulo Coelho.

It is a symbolical writing which wants the reader pursues his dreams.

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