Soft system

Non-Electric Operation Non-Electric Operation Moving water is the power source, not electricity, so operation is simple and reliable.

Soft system

This application is divided into two parts. First part is called "Employee Feedback Soft system that was installed on the mobile of on-field employees and the other part is called "Manager Reporting System" that was installed on BEO's mobile.

Within 3 months of its implementation, the results produced were astonishing. The reports generated by the system are just unbelievable and the output data extracted from the system is nothing less than a pleasant surprise. It gives us every minute detail including the time of visit and the total time spent at the school on the visit paid by the on-field employee to the school.

The system could also accurately verify the correct location Latitude and Longitude of the visit of the employee using the Satellite Communication Technology known as "Global Positioning System GPS " and was able to highlight the targets that are not achieved by the on-field employee.

Using their mobiles, employees are now able to send the real time information on the status of the visited schools along with the photo. At the same time, the manager is in a position to identify the falsely claimed targets where as he could also identify the employees that are not attending the targets regularly.

For each school visit, the system automatically generates the Google map on BEO's mobile showing the location of the school to be visited by the on-field employee against the actual location from where the employee has sent his feedback.soft system.

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Soft system

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To ensure that you only regenerate the softener system when it needs it, you could choose a volume controlled or metered system. This will detect the amount of water that has passed through the system and will only regenerate when it needs to.

Single Vs. Twin Tank. A single tank system only offers soft water when it is required. Soft Systems Methodology attempts to foster learning and appreciation of the problem situation between a group of stakeholders rather than set out to solve a pre-defined problem.

The complexity of many organisational/social problem situations defeats attempts at defining a problem: in many such.

Soft Systems Methodology