Running head false recall

So, let me tell you what was supposed to happen Do you remember this guy? Of course you do.

Running head false recall

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Most of this series was filmed at the Downsview Park studio, at the location of a former Canadian Forces Base in north Toronto. The government bureaucracy is heavily influenced by a small number of extremely powerful companies called "the Consortium" including computer memory and virtual-reality vacation provider Rekall and android manufacturer Uber Braun.

Running head false recall

After his partner is killed by self-aware androidshe is partnered against his wishes with Ian Farve, a naive officer new to the department, who is himself secretly an "Alpha Class" android —a model with a more complex psychological nature.

Significant plot Running head false recall remain unresolved by the end of the series run, due to cancellation; a crucial story arc from the series was the suggestion that the memory expansion used on self-aware androids was part non-human DNA and that a material found by a remote base on Mars could create a hybrid of human and android DNA.


Main characters[ edit ] Michael Easton as David Hume: A CPB Detective whose original partner was killed by rogue androids.

His initial highly antagonistic attitude towards androids changes once he gets to know his new partner. Farve is an Alpha-class prototype android, an advanced model based on synthetic cloning technology. In the episode "Paranoid", she discovers that false memories were implanted on her before she met her husband [1]which leads to their separation.

Michael Anthony Rawlins as Martin Ehrenthal: Judith Krant as Olan Chang: CPB forensic pathologist and computer specialist. A representative for the Assessors Office a more invasive future version of Internal Affairswho often butts heads with Hume and Farve.

However, much of the real power is held by the Consortium, composed of at least six multi-global companies that financed the colonization of Mars. The known six companies are: Rekall, the information technology powerhouse of the 21st century.

Minacon, the energy supply company, provides both the oil on Earth and the deuterium on Mars. Tashimo-Pacific, the transport company, created "Johnny Cab.

Variable Dynamics, the medical and bio-tech company, is interested in creating synthetic humans. Tillman Heath advertising boards are around the city in the series.

Tillman Heath is the agriculture and chemicals giant but its real purpose was not unveiled in the 1st series.View Notes - lab report 2 from PSY at Wofford College.

TESTING FALSE MEMORY EFFECTS Running Head: Testing False Recall and False Recognition Testing False Recall and False Recognition before and%(6). RUNNING HEAD: Mega-analysis of False Memory Reports 2 Abstract Understanding that suggestive practices can promote false beliefs and false memories for.

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