Report on wateen telecom

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Report on wateen telecom

Organization and Organizational Structure. Command and Control at Wateen. Conclusions and Recommendations 3 12 3 3 3 3Section: THE COMPANYWateen Telecom, Pakistans largest communication company in the private sector has become the detrimental catalyst that has rampantly moved forward the country into a digital revolution with its ability to seamlessly connect and enable smarter, faster, cost-effective and flexible communication solutions to reach its valued customers.

Wateen continues to build on the heritage of its parent company - The Abu Dhabi Group. We believe in leadership through people. Our technology and service-delivery strengths stems from our valued employees who have joined Wateen from all over the world to earn customer trust and loyalty with a continuing commitment to the deployment of innovative products and services, reliable, high-quality service and excellent customer care.

VISIONIt is the vision of Wateen Telecoms to launch Pakistan into the 21st centurys digital revolution by providing complete communication solutions to Telecom Operators, Corporate, Consumers and to be the leading Carriers Carrier by creating a world-class cutting-edge network to deliver a broad range of reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services.

Wateen Telecom has made it its duty to: To provide affordable communication services that meets and exceeds customers' requirements. To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that are cost effective and conducive. To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time.

Honesty Simplicity Wateen Telecom realizes that a major portion of its customers do not posses the abilities to operate its highly advanced and technical products effectively.

So the during the designing of its products, Wateen Telecom has kept ease of use and practicality the most important consideration.

Customer Satisfaction Wateen Telecom realizes that its customers have made it into one of the most successful telecommunications corporations in Pakistan; hence, it is imperative that the customers are always happy with the services that are provided and their complaints are attended to with the minimum of delay.

Quality Wateen Telecom is aware that the telecom market in Pakistan is very competitive, to provide second to none services and products is the only way to survive, their can be no compromise on the quality of the products and services. The customer is our top priority and deserves the premium quality services.

Innovation Wateen Telecom realizes that the pace of technical advancement inthe telecommunications industry is very high, so to flourish as the top service provider it is imperative that we keep pace with the unrelenting and unwavering speed of technological advancement and provide the customer with the latest technology.

Honesty Wateen telecom realizes that we have to practice what we preach: To flourish and advance as the top services provider in Pakistan we have to be reject all unethical and wrong practices, if we do business we have to have to do it ethically.

We are a family here and we will hear any body who has anything to say. Long Haul OFC 4. Carriers Carrier There are two types of customers Wateen Telecom deals wit the first is the home user; this is the user that acquires the services and goods for his personal use.

The second kind of customer is the Corporate User this user acquires Wateens Products and services for commercial use. The services provided to each customer are given below: True Broadband Internet 3. Security and surveillanceBusiness User1. True Broadband Internet f.

Hosted and Managed Solutions l. Hosted Contact Centers m. Hosted Data Centers 5. The group is one of the largest in the Middle East and has diversified business interests comprising oil and gas exploration, hospitality services, communications, banking, financial services, automobile industry and property development.

The group has large investments and a strong presence in Pakistan. Dhabi Contracting - A special category construction company 4.

Dhabi Drilling - Offshore rig operations in collaboration with Sedco Forex 5. Dhabi Enterprises Leasing - A company leasing several of the group's real estate properties across Abu Dhabi 6.Financial Analysis In the annual report published for the year ; Wateen Telecom Limited has posted PKR 8, million as revenues in the year ended June 30, (FY10) with the gross margin for second half of FY10 increasing to 38% from 30% compared to the first half of FY/5(2).

PROJECT OUTLINE HISTORY OF WARID TELECOM Al wateen telecom introduces Warid telecom in Pakistan, which is a telecom company of Abu Dhabi. They introduce Warid telecom march in Pakistan and they hired the .

Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan after the successful launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan. Wateen Telecom has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's Carrier" providing services based on quality, reliability and affordability in the communication and media sector.

Report on wateen telecom

Wateen Telecom Ltd. 05 Annual Report Despite significant improved performance of the Company in past three years, Company has still posted net losses after taxation PKR 1, million as compared to PKR 1, million in FY 16, losses are mainly on.

>Prepared hardware installation report for customer clearance.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

>Prepared/Organized test protocols for DWDM and SDH tests, and further approval from customer. TXN Network Engineer (Executive) at Wateen Telecom. Wateen Telecom. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro.

View profile. View profile badges. Search by name. Worldcall Telecom Limited Annual Report 09 maturity in vision. The growing challenges in the environment would make it hard to achieve the set goal s and tar gets by conventional measures. The times ahead are surely going to test the strength of all the market players.

The market will be demanding fresh ideas, new services and better.

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