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When he was two years old a dresser fell on top of him, causing a forehead laceration requiring 30 stitches to close. Army Green Beret combat veteran who often boasted of his gruesome exploits during the Vietnam War. He shared Polaroid photos of his victims, including Vietnamese women he had raped. Later that year, he moved in with his older sister, Ruth, and her husband, Roberto, an obsessive "peeping Tom" who took Richie along on his nocturnal exploits.

Looking for richard

How old is my typewriter? If you can find your typewriter's serial number, it may be listed at The Typewriter Database select your manufacturer from the drop-down menu.

Failing that, here are some rules of thumb: If your typewriter looks bizarre in some way strange keyboard, shape, etc.

Let me know what you've gotand I'll try to give you more information. If it says "Wagner Typewriter Co. If it doesn't say "Wagner" but has an open frame you can easily see the worksit dates from If it's an open-framed Underwood 5, check my Underwood page for a list of serial numbers that will let you date it with precision.

Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage. If it is an office-sized typewriter with an enclosed frame covered in sheet metalit's after Underwood portables with three rows of keys date from Those with four rows of keys are mostly from the thirties and forties.

Have a Remington portable? Check my Remington portables page for a list of pre-war Remington portables, with the dates of each model.

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If it's not on my list, it dates from after World War II. Patent dates can tell you that a typewriter was made after a certain date, but sometimes the machine was made quite a few years after the latest patent date. In the case of older open-frame Underwoods, the company got so many patents that the last patent date is probably very close to the year of manufacture.

Look on the back of the machine for a big decal listing all the patents. If your typewriter has very little plastic, it's probably no later than the mids. If it's painted in crinkle paint with tiny wrinklesit's usually from the late thirties or the forties. Postwar typewriters that's World War II we're talking about can be recognized by various signs: IBM Selectrics date from at the earliest.

This also goes for other modern electric machines that use a single type element such as the Selectric "golf ball". Electronic typewriters with a daisy wheel date from the s at the earliest.

What is my typewriter worth? The monetary value of a typewriter can't be determined precisely, because there are relatively few collectors and the market is always changing.

Furthermore, the condition of a typewriter affects its value significantly.

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I won't list them all here -- write to me with the details of your typewriter make, model, condition. I also recommend searching completed auctions at eBaywhere you will find many examples of the common makes of typewriter. Postwar typewriters Few large typewriters made after World War II are considered "collectible," because they are mostly look-alikes produced in great quantities -- and they are often ugly, in many people's view.

The exceptions to this rule are typewriters that have a strange or specialized mechanism -- for instance, the Varityper, a "cold typesetting" machine descended from the Hammond which prints from a type shuttle. Postwar portables have become popular since around as collectibles and working typewriters.

Looking for richard

Value largely depends on appearance; bright colors bring a premium. As for prewar typewriters, most belong to the following makes: Corona This is one of the first portables. The Corona that most collectors like is the model 3, with three banks of keys and a carriage that folds down onto the keyboard.Website for British actor Richard Armitage, Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

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Star of Spooks/MI-5, BBC Robin Hood, Strike Back, BBC North and South, Captain America: The First Avenger. For up-to-date news, interviews, pictures and multimedia. Buy Looking For Richard: Read Movies & TV Reviews - benjaminpohle.com Film analysis starts here.

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The Looking for Richard Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. ‘Looking For Richard’ is an exploration of the Shakespeare cultural institution.

During the film Pacino asks the general public what Shakespeare means to them and plunders academics for insights, quizzes the elite of British actors for their ideas, and visits the sights; pacing the stage area.

The Richard III Society. Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO.

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