Informative speech on origami

And if we narrow down the sub-topic companion planting we get a collection of sub-sub-topics. The basics of an informative speech The key to an informative or informational speech lies in its title. An informative speech is a balanced factual presentation of the topic uncolored by your personal emotional response or judgement. The addition of personal bias to an informational speech topic changes it to a persuasive one.

Informative speech on origami

Tindel Speech General Purpose: To inform my audience of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Generalized anxiety disorder. To help my audience gain an understanding of Generalized Anxiety Disorder so they can recognize the symptoms of the disorder within their own mental health profile or in the general population.

Having trouble sleeping, eating, or concentrating? Maybe you have a big test coming up, or maybe you are undergoing some stress in your family life, like helping out a sick parent or sibling. The National Institute of Mental Health informs that although anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can actually be beneficial in some situations, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an excessive, uncontrollable, and sometimes irrational worry about everyday aspects of life.

A person with Generalized Anxiety Disorder is in constant worry even when there is no stressful behavior going on that should provoke worry.

This excessive worry often disrupts daily functioning, as individuals suffering from GAD, people will typically anticipate disaster, and are overly concerned about everyday matters such as health issues, money, death, family problems, relationship problems, or work difficulties.

Individuals often exhibit a variety of physical symptoms, including restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. Today I will go more in-depth on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

They often have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Physical symptoms that often go together with the anxiety include fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, trembling, twitching, irritability, sweating, nausea, lightheadedness and feeling out of breath.

It often starts during the teen years or young adulthood.

The symptoms may frequently change with time, and typically get worse in the time of the individuals stress. When their anxiety level is mild, people with GAD can actually function socially and hold down a job.

Now that we have gained an understanding of what the symptoms are and when they occur, I can now discuss how to diagnose an individual showing signs of GAD.

Informative speech on origami

One way to do this is by asking detailed questions about their symptoms and medical history. A lot of times mental health providers use psychological questionnaires to help identify what's going on. Doctors may also do a physical examination to look for signs that that might be linked to an underlying medical condition.

This manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and health professionals to diagnose mental conditions. All of the criteria here is necessary for the individual to be diagnosed with GAD. Some disorders that commonly occur with generalized anxiety disorder include Phobias, panic disorder, depression, substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now that we have fully discussed how a diagnosis is made, let me transition into the treatment processes of GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder is usually treated with psychotherapy, medication, or both. Another way of saying psychotherapy is cognitive behavioral therapy and it teaches the anxiety filled individual new positive ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting to different situations that normally make the person feel very nervous or anxious.

The two most popular forms of medication are Anti-depressants, and Benzodiazepines.An informative speech is an original factual speech by the student on a realistic subject to fulfill the general aim of informing the audience. Audio-visual aids may or may not be used to supplement and reinforce the speaker"s message.

Informative speech on origami

Oct 19,  · Did you know? Origami paper was first invented in China around A.D. It was brought to Japan by Monks in the 6th Century. Handmade paper was a luxury item so not many people could afford it. Paper folding in Japan was strictly for ceremonial purposes, often religious.

'Ori' means fold and 'Kami' means paper.. Transcript of Informative Speech #2. Origami the traditional Japanese art of paper folding 折り紙 Origin History Etymology -"ori" * from the verb "oru", meaning "to bend/fold" * from the verb "kami", meaning "paper" * started in the 17th century AD * popularized in the mid 20th century * - earliest reference * - study of origami's.

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The future of the pork sausage market The importance of users logging all problems with the IT Helpdesk Teaching origami How to bake a cake Why wearing a suit.

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Oct 14,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: what would be a good attention getter for an informative speech about origami? i only have 5 minutes tops for the whole speech and i can't think of a good attention getter that's short and wont take up all my time Status: Resolved.

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