Information about visiting in petrol pump

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Information about visiting in petrol pump

Average product lost in transportation, etc Rs 50, monthly Total expenses monthly Rs 2,12, Above chart is average calculation. Net profit also depends on location of petrol pump because if it is in urban city areas then sale of petrol will be more as compared to diesels.

If you have properly managed this business then you could expect a good net profit. Many petrol bunks in India is not properly managed and at the end they suffer losses.

Is it profitable to open a petrol bunk in India? Yes, it is profitable if you manage it properly. It can also be done after final selection by company Complete tax registration Check advertisement in newspaper by various companies like hindustan petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, Reliance Petroleum, Essar Petroleum, Shell Petroleum, etc.

Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria given below. Further selection process and then final selection. Deposit amount — for Bharat Petroleum is 15 Lakhs non-refundable Investment required to start petrol pump in rural and urban areas Total investment is around 50 lakhs to 2 crores and it depends on locality.

It will cost less i. Why open a petrol pump? There are more personal vehicles than public vehicles. Either way, all vehicles need fuel. Many eco-friendly alternatives have been introduced to save the earth from the noxious emissions of fuel like CNG and LPG. But with the increasing amount of vehicles, the demand for gas is increasing with each passing day.

At this present scenario, starting a petrol pump of your own is a very lucrative idea. More and more people will be buying vehicles and that way, this is one field that will hardly never lose its touch.

Whether you are opening a pump in the city or on the outskirts, closer to Highway routes, the business will be profitable everywhere. In modern day situation, this business is more lucrative. Your profit will depend upon the amount of petrol diesel or gas sold annually and your profit margin would also vary.

Nonetheless, the fuel demand will hardly decrease. Business basics All types of business requires not only sufficient knowledge but also money. Since it is a petrol pump and you will be dealing with highly inflammable liquids, ensuring all sorts of safety measures is very important.

Even the slightest mistake could lead to a major accident. That is why; you need to first acquire a proper license to open a pump. There are certain tests and standards that need to be passed for you to acquire your license.

Once all the safety measures and standards are carefully met, you can start with your legal procedures. Signing necessary bonds and papers are important since most petrol pumps are government undertakings.

Even if you are opening a private pump, you need to be registered with the required authorities to ensure that your business is legal. Location matters a lot! Location of the pump is also important. If you are choosing to open the pump in the city, it will be better to open it some place there is no other pump in the vicinity.

Opening a new pump there will definitely draw more customers. In case you are choosing the outskirts or choosing to start the pump close to Highway routes, that would also be more lucrative. Highways do not have a lot of settlements close by which is why it is also safer to open a pump there.

Moreover, people never know when they run out of fuel which is why starting a pump there will automatically attract more customers.

Information about visiting in petrol pump

Petrol and diesel do not come cheap, neither do CNG.PETROL PUMPS (RETAIL OUTLETS) 1. 9 available at each petrol pump or contact Company’s Sales Officeron phone.

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• A written complaint can also be sent to Company’s Sales Officer,Regional Officeor a complaint can be lodged through helpline - or Contactdetailsare displayedat each Retail Outlet. How To Open Petrol Pump – Dealership Profit, Licensing & Investment Rental Business 2 years ago Mobile Tower Installation – Earn Upto Rs50, By Renting Property To Tower Company In India.

Visiting Cornwall if you come our way. Website Policy on advertisements and links. Last updated: 31 January, A.C. Mechanical Petrol Pump [The construction and operation dealt with the most common type of carburettor, the side draft Zenith. However, the carburettor is only of use if it gets a supply of Petrol.

places to visit around hp petrol pump agra • Anyway, you do have the choice of visiting quite a few fine places to visit near hp petrol pump. One only needs to be aware of the different options and details on such places.

Luckily, in this regard, there are many sources. For instance, the picture gallery of on places to see. Petrol Scam If you fill fuel worth of round digit figures, like most of the people do, example Rs50 or or or , you will actually get fuel little less than what the amount is for.

For example, If you fill worth Rs , you will get only petrol worth of Rs or so, which you can’t see because the pump shows Rs Petrol Pump. 1, likes · 1 talking about this.

The Petrol Pump is of Essar Oil, India's largest private fuel retailer. It is the first petrol pump/.

Information about visiting in petrol pump
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