Humanitys quest to end armed conflicts forever

And now, the war against worldwide terrorism rages. In these conflicts, each side has held to the thought that theirs is the just cause, and their ideology worthy to be imposed upon their fellow man. Consider communism in the Soviet Union and the many holy wars fought by numerous religious systems—all failing, because they have imposed a government that is continually overtaken by selfishness and corruption. The concept of a just and holy war, such as we see perpetrated by the Holy Jihad of Islam is nothing new.

Humanitys quest to end armed conflicts forever

It was a time of monarchs and "mission boys," of royalists, republicans and revolutionaries. The storm that had been gathering broke on Jan. Armed insurrection by a relatively small group of men, most of them American by birth or heritage, succeeded in wresting control of the Islands with the backing of American troops sent ashore from a warship in Honolulu Harbor.

Sugar and a coerced constitution played roles in the drama -- intertwined themes of economics and politics. Sugar was by far the principal support of the Islands, and profits and prosperity hinged on favorable treaties with the United States, Hawaiian sugar's chief market, creating powerful economic ties.

Plantation ownership and control of the business community were in the hands of men of American or European blood. King Kalakaua was forced to sign the Bayonet Constitution insharply curtailing his powers and diminishing the Native Hawaiians' voice in government.

Membership probably never overcompared to the 40, Native Hawaiians in the kingdom was predominantly American, including several missionary descendants. Organizer and fire brand of the league was Lorrin A.

Thurston, a lawyer and missionary grandson, who would later be a leader in the overthrow of the monarchy, with many of the same men. Lorrin Thurstongrandson of American missionaries, was the firebrand behind the revolution against the Hawaiian Monarchy.

But reform, like beauty, was in the eye of the beholder.

Humanitys quest to end armed conflicts forever

The Native Hawaiians looked up to their sovereigns with respect and aloha. Above all, they were deeply concerned about the well-being of the Hawaiian people and maintaining the independence of the kingdom.

The league's more radical members favored the king's abdication -- one even proposed assassination -- but cooler heads prevailed. They would allow the king to remain on the throne with his power sharply limited by a new constitution of their making.

Dethroning him would be a last resort, if he refused to comply.

Humanitys quest to end armed conflicts forever

Many Hawaiian League members belonged to a volunter militia, the Honolulu Rifles, which was officially in service to the Hawaiian government, but was secretly the league's military arm.

The reluctant king argued and protested, but finally signed the document, which became known as the Bayonet Constitution. As one Cabinet member noted, "Little was left to the imagination of the hesitating and unwilling sovereign, as to what he might expect in the event of his refusal to comply with the demands made upon him.

Maximizing profits for a deep-pocketed defense industry

It placed the actual executive power in the hands of the Cabinet, whose members could no longer be dismissed by the king, only by the Legislature. Amending this constitution was also the exclusive prerogative of the Legislature.

The Bayonet Constitution's other purpose was to remove the Native Hawaiian majority's dominance at the polls and in the Legislature. The righteous reformers were determined to save the Hawaiians from self-government.It seeks to mitigate the effects of armed conflict, so that peace shall reign on earth forever”.

12 This wishful thinking was soon proved to be wrong. In the following years after the adoption of the Geneva Conventions, the world witnessed an increase in the number of armed conflicts, particularly non-international armed conflicts and. Forever war rages in the country, now in its 18th year with no prospect for resolution.

Is Syria following the same pattern, war in its eighth year with no end in sight? The difference between Washington’s aggression in the country and all its other war theaters is Russia’s intervention to combat US-supported terrorism at Assad’s request.

"Diamonds are forever" it is often said. But lives are not. Banning Conflict Diamonds. What exactly is a conflict diamond? On July 5, , due to lingering concerns regarding the role of illicit diamonds in fuelling armed conflict, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution , much like resolution passed 2 years earlier in Angola.

Kingdom of God It IS the solution! Do you realize that the end cannot come until the Kingdom of God is preached to the world as a witness? In addition to the numerous armed conflicts since the United Nations formed, multiple millions are hungry, refugees, and/or desperately poor.

Four former high-ranking Guatemalan military officers once considered untouchable have been convicted of crimes against humanity. They were also found guilty of aggravated sexual abuse against a.

End Times Bible Report Quarterly. Winter Issue Number The War to End All Wars evil world forever. Daniel prophesied that “There shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation.” Sisera, mocking the poorly armed Israelites, advanced with his army on both sides of the River Kishon toward Mount Tabor.

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