Filipino farmers

And planting kamote, among others, is now being encouraged by the government to relieve pressure on domestic rice supplies.

Filipino farmers

Editorial ONE of our front page stories on Thursday is about the worldwide shortage of farm workers. In our country this is mainly because of bad governance—wrong policies for the agriculture sector which for some statistical quirk includes the fishery sector and massive corruption in government agencies in charge of agriculture.

Both of these result in perpetuating the poverty of the farmers and fishermen and the low incomes of non-corporate agri-businessmen. The neglect by the Aquino administration of the agriculture sector is indicated by the incredible untruthfulness and mental dishonesty of the few paragraphs President Benigno Aquino devoted to this largest sector of our political-economy.

About half of all of us Filipinos live in rural—farming or fishing—areas. And 70 Filipino farmers of the poor families in our country are rural. The continuing maltreatment of farmers and fishermen by the government is a big reason for the rising discontent of the masses.

Filipino farmers

The latest figures from the Philippine Statistics Authority PSA show that the poverty incidence among fishermen is Francis Pangilinan was brought in to serve as a virtual super-DA secretary beside Mr. That the agriculture sector did not get the billions of pesos appropriated for aid to farmers and agri-businesses, irrigation projects and the like is easily proved by the fact that in the PDAF scam of Janet Lim Napoles, the most common fake NGOs used to steal money were supposed-to-be those for farmers, peasants and agricultural workers.

During the Arroyo administration one of the biggest corruption scandals was the Pmillion fertilizer scam that made the name Jocjoc Bolante notorious. This large political figure in his Visayan region was the Undersecretary of Agriculture of the Arroyo regime. The Commission on Audit has pinpointed the National Agribusiness Corporation Nabcorwhich is supposedly an organization officially linked to the Department of Agriculture, among the largest conduits of money that poured out of the government.

Apart from the plunder PDAF and DAP money that should have benefited farmers, the smuggling form of corruption gravely injures the agricultural sector—and sinks our rural families deeper in poverty. The smuggling of rice, other agricultural products, like garlic, meats and poultry, into our country devastates our farmers, hog- and poultry raisers.

These corrupt deeds harm our whole economy, but the rural areas most of all. They are worse in some ways than supertyphoons like Yolanda because they are insidiously present, like cancer.


Will he end smuggling for good in the less than two remaining years of his presidency?The Delano grape strike was a labor strike by the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee and the United Farm Workers against grape growers in California.

The strike began on September 8, , and lasted more than five years. Due largely to a consumer boycott of non-union grapes, the strike ended with a significant victory for the United Farm Workers as well as its first contract with the.

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According to Filipino history, the Kampilan is believed to be the main sword that struck down the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan by the legendary Chief Lapu-lapu. Filipino farmers, factory workers call for better conditions.

Filipino farmers

International Women's Day draws out disparate groups of protesters in Manila. Welcome to Ramgo International Corporation.

Ramgo International Corporation was established in by the late Ramon A. Ong who during that time noticed that our Filipino farmers always look for a reliable source of high quality seeds at the most economical price..

Ramgo International Corporation constantly strives to provide Filipino Farmers quality Seed Brands, Fertilizers, Plant protection. MISSION: To foster FILIPINO NATIONALISM. "Shake the foundations." Seek knowledge/understand/think critically about roots of socioeconomic-political predicaments in our homeland; educate ourselves, expose lies/hidden truths and fight IGNORANCE of our true history.

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