Experiment 4 rdr chemical equilibrium

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Experiment 4 rdr chemical equilibrium

Rice University Houston, TX When Rice Institute opened its doors to its first class of students on September 23,a bachelor's in chemical engineering was among the degrees offered, and inthree chemical engineering graduates James L.

Standish, and Herbert W. Wilber received their bachelor's diplomas from President Lovett. They were the first in a long line of Rice chemical engineering graduates who went on to have successful pro- fessional careers. The arrival on campus of Arthur J.

Hartsook in marked the true beginning of an independent program in chemical engineering at Rice. At MIT he had gathered information that convinced him that the city and its vicinity would, in time, grow into one of the foremost chemical engineering centers in the country and the world.

By the s, Houston had become the petrochemical and energy capital of the world, and Rice graduates began to fill many of the positions created by the growing industrial es- tablishment along the Houston ship channel. For many of these graduates, Houston's ship channel became the launch- ing pad for important leadership positions, first in corporate headquarters in New York or other major U.

The s and s were years of almost exponential growth, and inthe department became a major player in the emerging field of nuclear energy, securing a grant from the Atomic Energy Commission to develop a program in nuclear engineering, supported by a radiation laboratory and a watt operating reactor.


Chemical engineering also "an- nexed" a sanitation laboratory program in civil engineer- ing and began to address the broader problems of envi- ronmental pollution.

In the s, the department was ranked among the top seven in the country. Capitalizing on Rice's location, a strong thermodynamics group led by Tom Leland and Riki Kobayashi developed new theories and an extensive data- base of thermophysical properties for the petrochemical in- dustry.

Experiment 4 rdr chemical equilibrium

Perhaps the most significant example of a bold move into new areas, however, was an artificial heart project and estab- Copyright ChE Division of ASEE Chemical Engineering Education lishment of a Biomedical Engineering Laboratory in the mid '60s.

In partnership with Baylor's Department of Surgery, Rice chemical engineers led by Bill Akers were instrumen- tal in developing the first left ventricular heart bypass device and carried out a large number of pioneering studies that so- lidified Rice's national reputation in the field of biomedical engineering.

Among their early successes was development of an implantable artificial lens for the eye that restored sight to hundreds of patients. During the late 70s and 80s, however, the Biomedical Engineering lab shifted its re- search efforts away from medical devices to become one of the strongest centers of applied cellular engineering research.

The 80s and early 90s witnessed continued growth. Many new faculty joined the department to strengthen the areas of thermodynamics Chapman, Robertinterfacial phenomena and petroleum engineering Miller, Hirasakireaction engi- neering and applied math Zygourakisprocess control Badgwellbiochemical engineering Papoutsakis, San, Shanks and biomedical engineering Glacken, Mikos.

New laboratories were built in to house the expanding re- search programs in bioengineering, catalysis, reaction en- gineering, and thermodynamics. Inthe chemical en- gineering faculty forming the core of Rice's bioengineer- ing group Hellums, McIntire, Mikos, San, Shanks, and Zygourakis moved their offices and laboratories to a new research facility George R.

Brown Hallespecially built to promote interdisciplinary research between biologists and engineers. Like the chemical engineering profession, the department reached a major crossroad as it prepared to enter the 21st cen- tury. Faculty retirements and the move in of four faculty members to a new bioengineering department forced the de- partment to redefine its research and educational missions.Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions Phase transitions occur at a constant temperature.

For example, liquid water becomes vapor at C ( K) and 1 atm and freezes to ice at K and 1 atm pressure.


During the transition, heat is transferred. Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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