Evaluate the success of advertising on facebook and facebook fan pages

The tool allows you to place small display type ads in the right sidebar of Facebook pages and profiles.

Evaluate the success of advertising on facebook and facebook fan pages

By Samir Balwani You can follow him on Twitter leftthebox and get his newsletter. For many companies a Facebook fan page is an integral part of their social media campaign. But, what elements help fan pages build up large followings and what can brands do to emulate the success of others?

Engagement, interest and constant connection keep fans coming back on Facebook

Networking with other platforms Building a large following requires a network of other platforms, working in conjunction to drive visitors to your fan page. Many companies lack this level of dedication, expecting their consumers on Facebook to find them automatically.

Connecting multiple social platforms and a hub from the brand website, can help funnel consumers throughout the network. Creating a resource Some pages are used as connection hubs, but others offer information pertinent to their consumers.

They use the information as added value to have consumers create a connection with the brand. Dell has done a great job with their social media resource for small businesses. Understanding that small business owners buy computers, by offering them this resource, small business owners interested in social media keep Dell top of mind.

Also, since they offer deals and updates on new products on the page - the page does have a chance to convert small business owners into Dell consumers. Offering a resource page allows a brand to target a new demographic, outside of those that already know and love the business.

Clicking on the coupon takes you to a page where Sears collects your information and sends you information about the coupon, deals, and offers.

Evaluate the success of advertising on facebook and facebook fan pages

Offering something to consumers to join can help build a large community. Some examples of things to offer: Coupons, free shipping, weekly deals.

Evaluate the success of advertising on facebook and facebook fan pages

Empowering pre-existing pages One of my favorite stories about social media involves the Coca Cola Facebook page. The fan page was created by two users who liked Coke. What started as a fan page for fun, turned out to be the largest product fan page on Facebook.

Coca Cola, instead of taking over the page and making it their own, rewarded the fans by bringing them to Atlanta and giving them a tour of the Coke facility. The fan page remains theirs, but now they have the blessing and help of Coca Cola. By empowering the fans to keep their fan page, Coke ensures a passionate page owner.

The Coca Cola marketing team was also smart enough to realize that letting others know what happened here would work in their favor.

The fan page creators were told to make a video of the history behind the fan pageand how Coke had reached out to them and rewarded them for this. Instead, rewarding dedication can inspire others to do the same. There are just some brands that will not have a strong presence on Facebook.

Understanding the demographic present can help you decide if Facebook is worth it for your business. From Quantcast estimateswe can tell that Facebook skews towards female youths. The demographics that make up Facebook are changing quickly, as more moms have begun to join and the college market has become saturated — so be sure to keep checking up on demographic changes over time.

As Facebook changes, your campaigns may need to change with it for maximum effect. Armed with this knowledge, Seventeen Magazine jumped on to the Facebook fan page bandwagon. Their brand targets the demographic most prominent on Facebook, meaning a fairly quick and organic growth.

For companies whose brand does not target the optimal demographic, finding a specific line that does, works. Instead of putting the entire brand on Facebook, they targeted the PINK line, a line for college students.

Some brands cannot expect huge followings on Facebook. Brands or product lines targeting the demographic most prominent on Facebook tend to see the quickest growth.

I purposely did not talk about using advertising to increase the size of a fan page, because although it can be useful to jump start a fan page, organic growth can help build a more engaged group. Creating a Facebook fan page is simple, but getting it to work well takes time, dedication, and some planning.

Build good content, make it easy to share, and let people know about it, and over-time the community will grow.Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. See how we connect businesses with all the right people on any device with Facebook marketing. Google AdWords for one.

Evaluate the success of Facebook fan pages.

105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies

These are the main reasons why people prefer using Facebook instead of other sovial networks. By placing ads on Facebook. Facebook for Website. which leads other people directly to the page and hopefully encourages more fans. Evaluate Facebook company presence. If the average number of pages is and the average number of pages viewed from Pinterest traffic is , then you know you are likely to be getting a more relevant audience from your Facebook traffic.

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The company placed out Facebook ads targeting keywords on potential consumers’ Facebook pages keywords in their profiles like “photography,” “scrapbooking,” “married,” and “women.” She also ran the ads around occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving, or graduation.

Local businesses make up % of Facebook fan pages, according to financial services firm Wedbush, while companies come in at % and products at 3%.

Interests, musicians and .

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