Essay on one day cricket match

Essay on The Game of Cricket. Article shared by Introduction: Cricket is one kind of outdoor game. It is played between two teams.

Essay on one day cricket match

Cricket is one of the most popular games in India. The young and old alike are affected by this game. It is not a native game of India.

Essay on one day cricket match

The British who ruled our country introduced this game and now it has struck deep roots in our country. This game is mostly played in the commonwealth countries which were British colonies. Eleven players represent each side. A test match is divided into two innings known as the first innings and second innings.

The victory or defeat is decided by the total runs scored by each team in the two innings. The team that scores the maximum runs is declared the winner. The five day test matches held sway for a long time.

In recent times, one day cricket matches have become popular. In the test matches, the Rest-Day is withdrawn. These matches are played during the day as well as night. You must have seen some of these matches on your television. In India, besides test matches and one day matches at the national level, we have cricket matches at different levels.

There are inter state matches and zonal matches. There are a number of trophies associated with Indian cricket. In the international field we have the Ashes.

This is the symbolic trophy won by the winning team after a series of cricket matches between England and Australia. You must be aware of the world cup also.

This is awarded to the best cricket team of the world. The Australians had the distinction of winning this cup thrice consecutively. Cricket, although limited to commonwealth countries and England is one of most popular games in the world of sports.

Although advanced countries like the U. Russia and a sport loving country like China do not play this game, millions of people watch the cricket matches on television all over the world.ONE DAY CRICKET MATCH Cricket has been one of the most famous and popular game of the world. Many countries have prepared their national teams in this regard.

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The match began and the two teams met on the ground.

Essay on one day cricket match

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Cricket is one kind of outdoor game. It is played between two teams. It is played with a ball, a bat and wickets. Related Articles: Essay on A Cricket Match.

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