Essay on michelle obamas speech given at the naacp convention

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Essay on michelle obamas speech given at the naacp convention

Essay on michelle obamas speech given at the naacp convention

How you all doing today? All right, everybody have a seat.

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I got some stuff to say. I've got some stuff to say. I love you back. So, see, now, whenever people have, like, little signs, you all got to write it bigger, because I'm getting old now.

And I like that picture of me. I am not singing today. Although I will say your board sang to me as I came in for the photograph.

I don't blame you. But I will do my best to fill her shoes. And she sends everybody her love. And Malia and Sasha say hi, as well.

I want to thank your chair, Roslyn Brock. I want to thank your president, Cornell Brooks. And some outstanding members of Congress who are here. I want to just say thank you to all of you for your love, for your support, but most importantly, for the work that you are doing in your communities all across the country every single day.

It's not always received with a lot of fanfare. Sometimes it's lonely work; sometimes it's hard work; sometimes it's frustrating work.

But it's necessary work. And it builds on a tradition of this organization that reshaped the nation. For years, the NAACP has worked to close the gaps between the words of our founding that we are all created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights -- those words try to match those with the realities that we live each and every day.

In your first century, this organization stood up to lynching and Jim Crow and segregation; helped to shepherd a Civil Rights Act and a Voting Rights Act.

We made progress, but our work is not done. By just about every measure, the life chances for black and Hispanic youth still lag far behind those of their white peers. Part of this is a legacy of hundreds of years of slavery and segregation, and structural inequalities that compounded over generations.

It did not happen by accident. But today, I want to focus on one aspect of American life that remains particularly skewed by race and by wealth, a source of inequity that has ripple effects on families and on communities and ultimately on our nation -- and that is our criminal justice system.


Now, this is not a new topic. I know sometimes folks discover these things like they just happened. When I was in the state legislature in Illinois, we worked to make sure that we had videotaping of interrogations because there were some problems there. We set up racial profiling laws to prevent the kind of bias in traffic stops that too many people experience.

What has changed, though, is that, in recent years the eyes of more Americans have been opened to this truth. And the good news -- and this is truly good news -- is that good people of all political persuasions are starting to think we need to do something about this.Michelle Obama S Speech At Naacp Speech by the first lady Michelle Obama This speech the first lady, Michelle Obama presented for an event at the DC high school sophomores was a very interesting speech made by the first lady It had many messages written into it but let me explain the main things that we need to know at this analytical essay.

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Finally, after proposing ways in which these goals may be achieved, Mrs. Obama urges the NAACP to take actions that would help in her plight to eliminate childhood obesity and make America a healthier nation.

Mrs. Obama primarily targets her speech toward members of the NAACP, since they are attending the convention. Writing’rhetorical’analysis’essays’’! Rhetoricalanalysisessaysarenotoriouslyhardtowritebecause,quitefrankly,there are!countless!ways!to!screw!themup.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin NAACP then gets into some problems occuring in African American culture. She then briefly says that although the NAACP has accomplished a lot, many African American children attend crumbling schools a great number of their families are "barely scraping by"(Obama ).

Rhetorical Analysis of Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech | Straight From The Horse's Mouth