Drug offenses australian legal studies essay

Efficiency[ edit ] Drug laws are effective[ edit ] Supporters of prohibition claim that drug laws have a successful track record suppressing illicit drug use since they were introduced years ago. With illicit drug use peaking in the s in the United States, the "Just Say No" campaign, initiated under the patronage of Nancy Reagan, coincided with recent past month illicit drug use decreases from Sweden is an excellent example. Drug use is just a third of the European average while spending on drug control is three times the EU average.

Drug offenses australian legal studies essay

Australian Capital Territory Other initiatives at Commonwealth and State and Territory level affect law and order issues related to drug use. The possession of small quantities of cannabis and cultivation of defined numbers of plants has been decriminalised in a number of Australian jurisdictions: Payment of the expiation or infringement notice fine means that the person avoids going to court and the possibility of a criminal conviction.

Diversionary programs operate under the Illicit Drug Diversion Initiativewhich is part of the Australian Government's national approach to early intervention and prevention of illicit drug use. Under the national framework to tackle illicit drug use agreed by all Australian States and Territories, police and courts have the formal power to divert drug users to education, assessment or treatment.

The primary objective of the Drug Diversion program is to increase incentives for drug users to identify and treat their illicit drug use early. See the Australian Institute o f Criminology s publication, Australian Approaches to Drug-Crime Diversionfor a description of the five main types of diversionary programs operating in Australian jurisdictions.

Drug Courts are specialist courts that deal with offenders who are dependent on drugs. As a result of the evaluations it was decided to continue the pilot program. The Strategy is based on a harm minimisation approach which refers to Drug offenses australian legal studies essay and programs aimed at reducing drug-related harm.

This approach recognises the need to seek a balance between supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction strategies.

Supply reduction measures aim at intercepting illicit drugs at borders and within Australia, and are implemented by the Commonwealth law enforcement agencies. The Australian Federal Police maintains a webpage with information about its drug operations as well as drug awareness generally.

Demand reduction measures cover the following five priority areas: Treatment of users of illicit drugs, including identification of best practice. Prevention of illicit drug use.

Training and skills development for front line workers who come into contact with drug users or at risk groups. Monitoring and evaluation, including data collection. Harm reduction includes a range of targeted strategies designed to reduce drug-related harm for particular individuals and communities.

It aims to reduce the harmful consequences of drugs when consumption cannot be further reduced. Examples of harm reduction activities are methadone treatment and needle syringe programs. Commonwealth programs aimed at demand and harm reduction can be found by scrolling down this page.

Australia s drug control and demand reduction also has an international dimension. The global, regional and bilateral aspects of this are discussed in the Department of Foreign Affairs Australia s International Drug Strategy.

A description of Australia s policy response to illicit drugs from to the present can be found on the Australian Institute of Criminology website. Another good account of the development of Australian illicit drug laws is in a Parliamentary Library publication titled Illicit Drugs, their Use and the Law in Australia.

Alternatives approaches and evaluations Australia Australian evaluations of approaches to dealing with illicit drugs including prevention and treatment options historically have focused more on opioids than on other illicit drugs. The reasons include the strong demand for treatment for opioid dependency, the fact that opioid dependence is a risk factor for premature death from overdose and infectious disease, public spending on this type of treatment, and continuing debate about the legitimacy, effectiveness and safety of maintenance treatment.

Over the last few years, though, there has been recognition of the need for more evaluations, particularly at the national level, of prevention programs, treatment options and enforcement alternatives for a range of illicit drugs. The Druginfo Clearinghouse website, an Australian Drug Foundation initiative, has links to Prevention Research Evaluation Reportswhich include evaluations of a range of drug prevention programs.

The Commonwealth-funded Community Partnerships Initiative aims to encourage quality practice in community action to prevent illicit drug use, address it where it occurs and to build on existing activity occurring across Australia.

A report Return on investment in Needle and Syringe Programs is an evaluation of economic effectiveness or financial return on investment of needle and syringe programs NSPs in Australia.

A good description of various heroin treatment options can be found on the ABC Online website here. A related page discusses law and order options for dealing with heroin dependencyincluding the use of drug courts.

The full report is here. The NSW Drug Court aims to help drug-dependent offenders overcome both their drug dependence and criminal offending.Almost all (%) drug offenders in federal prison were serving sentences for drug trafficking.

for drug offenses.2 Because drug offenders comprise about half of federal prison population and sentence length for this subpopulation is .

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One possibility for controlling drug abuse is to legalize illegal drugs. In contrast to today's society where drugs are illegal there is not much difference. Most illegal and legal drug use is recreational. /5(4). The Australian Drug Foundation website has a comprehensive set of links to a wide range of specific illicit drugs..

The Australian Crime Commission produces annually the Australian Illicit Drug benjaminpohle.com contains information about, amongst other things, widely-used drugs in Australia and their effects. LEGAL STUDIES: AUSTRALIAN CRIME COMMISSION The Australian crime commission is to research and produce a report, which will be presented to the media.

Two indictable offences to be presented in the case are [Philip leung v the crown NSW, and Kevin smith v the state NSW]. Free Essays on Legal Studies Hsc Crime.


Drug offenses australian legal studies essay

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