Biometric technology essay

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Biometric technology essay

For thousands of years humans believed that authority came from the gods. Then, during the modern era, humanism gradually shifted authority from deities to people.

Biometric technology essay

Jean-Jacques Rousseau summed up this revolution in Emile, his treatise on education. I need only consult myself with regard to what I wish to do; what I feel to be good is good, what I feel to be bad is bad.

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Now, a fresh shift is taking place. Just as divine authority was legitimised by religious mythologies, and human authority was legitimised by humanist ideologies, so high-tech gurus and Biometric technology essay Valley prophets are creating a new universal narrative that legitimises the authority of algorithms and Big Data.

We are already becoming tiny chips inside a giant system that nobody really understands. Every day I absorb countless data bits through emails, phone calls and articles; process the data; and transmit back new bits through more emails, phone calls and articles.

This relentless dataflow sparks new inventions and disruptions that nobody plans, controls or comprehends. All you need to do is answer your emails faster.

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Just as free-market capitalists believe in the invisible hand of the market, so Dataists believe in the invisible hand of the dataflow. As the global data-processing system becomes all-knowing and all-powerful, so connecting to the system becomes the source of all meaning. The new motto says: If you record something — upload it.

If you upload something — share it. Once that happens, humans will lose their authority, and humanist practices such as democratic elections will become as obsolete as rain dances and flint knives.

What does your heart tell you?

Biometric technology essay

Gove is not alone in listening to his heart in critical moments. For the past few centuries humanism has seen the human heart as the supreme source of authority not merely in politics but in every other field of activity. N33 real questions | N33 practice questions | Luna Velvet

From infancy we are bombarded with a barrage of humanist slogans counselling us: In market economics, we maintain that the customer is always right.

Humanist art thinks that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; humanist education teaches us to think for ourselves; and humanist ethics advise us that if it feels good, we should go ahead and do it. Of course, humanist ethics often run into difficulties in situations when something that makes me feel good makes you feel bad.

For example, every year for the past decade the Israeli LGBT community has held a gay parade in the streets of Jerusalem. It is a unique day of harmony in this conflict-riven city, because it is the one occasion when religious Jews, Muslims and Christians suddenly find a common cause — they all fume in accord against the gay parade.

Just as gay people want us to respect their feelings, they should respect ours. Scientific insights into the way our brains and bodies work suggest that our feelings are not some uniquely human spiritual quality.

Rather, they are biochemical mechanisms that all mammals and birds use in order to make decisions by quickly calculating probabilities of survival and reproduction.In the years leading up to the U.S. election, Facebook became the world’s de facto morning newspaper—and everyone wanted to land on A1.

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1)Critically examine the implications of providing energy-dense, factory-made nutrient packets as take-home ration under Anganwadi Services Scheme. Apr 27,  · Biometric Technology Essays (Examples) Essay Paper #: Biometric Technology Biometrics are those easily measurable physiological, behavioral or anatomical characteristics, which can be used in identifying an individual.

A common biometric modality is fingerprints, but there are others like DNA, voice patterns, irises, facial. Analysis And Justification Of Biometric Technology Information Technology Essay.

In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse characteristics of the human body such as facial patterns, DNA, eye retina, fingerprints, voice, and hand measurements for authentication purposes.

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