Beauty is overrated as advertised

Do you ever sit at your vanity, skimming over makeup products that were just complete duds? Some of them you maybe even heard a lot of hype about and went in with high expectations — only to be left disappointed and wanting your money back.

Beauty is overrated as advertised

A nostalgic journey to the past to relive the golden days of entertainment! I think my choices for overrated actresses will even be more controversial than my overrated actors profile.

Watching Fontaine on screen I get a chill even if it is the hottest day in summer. I have to admit I do not hate everything Turner did. I think her best movie was the underrated "Ziegfeld Girl" which she plays a Ziegfeld girl. However, for the most part I feel that the public was going to see a Lana Turner movie to see beauty and not talent.

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That beauty a form of talent made her a popular star for decades though. However, since she died I have seen some of her movies, and she did have talent. I still think though that her popularity was more about the men she slept with and the marriages she broke up than her actual ability.

I watched it for Van Johnson, but I discovered an ability that Taylor did have. Still though, she may be an icon but a very overrated one in my book. What was her appeal?

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I did not think she was beautiful - not to be rude, but she was kind of ugly. I guess some people like the waif type beauty that Audrey Hepburn had, but her looks did not last, and I do not think her acting ability warranted legendary status either.

However, as an actress I thought she was horrible. Her attitude like she knows she is this great star has also been a big turn off for me. Like all of the stars on this list, they have more talent than I will ever have, but stars like Streisand are just way too overrated for meVisually, “Beauty and the Beast” was more of a beauty than a beast.

Whether CGI was used or not, the sets were stunning. From the village to the Beast’s castle, everywhere was a fantastic sight to behold; except for the wolves that were too fake to fool me.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas is a direct-to-video animated holiday film produced by The Walt Disney Company. It is a midquel that takes place within the original Beauty and the Beast (after the fight with the wolves and before the ballroom dance), although the very.

Feb 28,  · I think physical beauty IS overrated. Because you can be the most "beautiful" person on the earth and have no impact on society whatsoever.

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Because outward beauty DOES go away, but inner beauty doesnt. So Resolved. Since we have shown you real faces of Brazil, we would like to give rational information about Brazil. Brazil is not a place populated with Gisele Bundchen look-a-like women.

Beauty is overrated as advertised

Compared to other countries there are no more beautiful women in Brazil. Multiracial women are not all stunning as advertised on TV. Which makes it sound like I will most likely not go on to win the Nobel Prize at anything (hey, it remains to be seen—you never know).

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