Adolescent self portrait

As an adolescent, an individual nurtures a feeling of character.

Adolescent self portrait

YRBSS data are not available by zip code, census tract, or school. Sample size limitations and confidentiality requirements do not support analyses at these levels. YRBSS data are available for a small number of specifically funded large urban school districts or counties.

Some of those large urban school districts are county-based. Data are only available for large urban school districts or counties on the list; no other local YRBSS data are available.

The specific release date for a given cycle is posted on the YRBSS home page as soon as it has been determined.

YRBSS questionnaires should be cited as follows: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. YRBSS data in a publication should be cited as follows: Is there a cost? You may download and use the questionnaires as is or with changes at no charge.

YRBSS questionnaires were designed to be administered in a school setting. Therefore, it is important to consider the language used in regular classrooms. If testing in subjects such as math or social studies is conducted in English, it may not be necessary to translate YRBSS questionnaires.

Check with school officials before deciding whether or not translation is needed. YRBSS questionnaires are in the public domain, however, and may be freely translated and used in any language.

No specific permission is required. YRBSS data sets are available for the United States overall, most states, some territories, some large urban school districts, and some tribal governments.

State, large urban school district, territory, and tribal government data sets and documentation are owned and controlled by the jurisdictions that conducted the surveys. Many sites have given CDC permission to distribute their data sets upon request, but others manage the distribution of their data sets themselves.

To request data sets and documentation for a specific jurisdiction, follow these steps: View the High School or Middle School participation history and data quality to see which sites have weighted data in which survey years and to see which sites have given permission for CDC to distribute their data.

For sites that have not given us distribution permission, we will email you contact information for that site; you will need to contact the site directly to discuss your data request.

Why are results not available from every state?

Adolescent self portrait

Results are not available from every state for several reasons. Second, some states that do participate do not achieve a high enough overall response rate to receive weighted results.

There is no charge for the data nor is permission needed to download or use the data. The National YRBS data sets posted on the YRBSS web site do not contain state or region identifiers because the national samples are not constructed to provide representative data at state or region levels.

Some states may not have any schools chosen as part of the sample. States and large urban school districts each use a sample design that produces a representative sample of students in grades for their state or large urban school district.

The National YRBS sample is designed to be representative of students in grades in the United States overall but does necessarily include students from every state.

National YRBS data sets are available in two file formats:Free Essay: Adolescent Self-Portrait December 1, BSHS/ Maria Perrotta Adolescent Self-Portrait From the time an individual is born, they are facing. out of 5 stars Adolescent Portraits: Identity, Relationships and Challenges Adolescent Portraits: Identity, Relationships, and Challenges, written by Garrod, Smulyan, Powers, and Kilkenny (), is a collection of /5(11).

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Adolescent Self-Portrait From the time an individual is born, they are facing continual growth and changes.

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STUDY OF A YOUNG WOMAN by Johannes Vermeer